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Wood blind repair string and cords. Are you looking for new string and other parts for your wood blinds? Blind Repair Parts is the wood blind repair headquarters. We sell new string and replacement parts for many brands of wood blinds. All wood blinds will eventually need to have new strings or new cords installed. Louverdrape, Levolor, Mark, Delmar, Hunter Douglas, Graber, and Nanik, are just a few of the brands of wood blinds that you can purchase string, cord and repair parts. Blind repair has never been easier.
The place to find blind repair parts and string and cord for all brands of blinds and shades. Alta and M&B blinds and shades need new cords replaced on wood blinds. Fix your own blinds and shades at home. Instructions for Hunter Douglas wood blinds and repair and replacement string. Are you asking, who can fix my blinds, I need a new string or cord for my blind, my tilt mechanism is broken, I need a blind repair?
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